Test shoot with Irina Roshik @LVDK


Irina Roshik

Test shoot with Irina Roshik @LVDK



A quick recap back from 2010, it's been one hell of a year! There are some points where I broke down and so fucked up. Started with a life-changing-decision to move back to Indonesia due to visa problem, then started to continue working as graphic designer and try new career as photographer. Work 24/7 underpaid. 2010 was a rough year.

Graduated from university back in mid-2010 and it was such a burden to get a job with fair salary. It was hard to adapt with how people work and think here. I started working as graphic designer in one of local magazine back in my hometown in late 2010. Extremely difficult. I remember asked my colleagues about design-related question at the time and their answers killed my expectations. I knew I couldn't go further if I stayed, so I moved.

I started 2011 with a full-time job as personal assistant of Nicoline Patricia Malina. Not an easy job but I survived. I've met new people, making new friendships, had some haters here and there and have a better understanding on how things work here, know better on people's characteristic and how to deal with it, It was priceless.

Numbers of things that I wanna do within 2012, hopefully by the end of the year I can cross every single point that I listed here. Here goes the list.

• Taking my master in communication at any university within UK. Actually I just wanna go to UK.
• Publish all of my portfolio shoot, re-edit old pictures and stop procrastinating.
• Shoot for national and international magazine
• Represented by an agency
• Receive an award related with design and photography
• Vacation with mom and my brother, without laptop and internet
• Being more social and punctual
• Organize my own solo photography exhibition
• Stop thinking to go back to work at any graphic or advertising agency (unless they provide really good salary and allowed me to work with shorts and slipper)
• Learn how to walk on heels
• Be nicer with BB and my electronic stuff and pay more attention to my car
• Have a better facial-control and stop being so obvious that I hate someone.
• No more junk food and lose weight as mom promised that she will buy me full closet of new clothes if I can copy Kate moss' figure. Smart mom, she knows that it's not gonna happen.
• Started to use marker again and do more manual drawing
• Sleep more, at least 6 hours every day. I've been living in such a sleepless life lately
• Stop breaking the specs. I've bought countless-pair of glasses and last less than a week
• Try to get my life back

May you have a prosper year ahead. Happy new year!


Lenka Varvarova

Test shoot with Lenka Varvarova @JIM Models. Make up by Priscilla Myrna. Video by Goldy Fatihadi



Tell them dear, that if eyes were made for seeing, then beauty is its own excuse for being...

Test shoot with Irina Roshik @LVDK.